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     Providence Farm is located  in  central  Wisconsin,  a land flowing with milk 

     and honey-colored horses.   Blessed with Arabians for  more than  45  years, 

      our  philosophy remains  unchanged:     Squeeze  the  beautiful  halter  horse,  

     talented  performance horse and sensible companion  into one body,  making 

     sure it has an  extra pretty head  and  fancy   high-tailed action, then paint it  

     flashy color. Click "Horses"  button above to view these and other Providence

     Farm horses that are a sample of our program. Also, please be sure to take the

       entertaining  Farm Tour created for your pleasure. Thanks for visiting our site.


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Leon and Jan Wolf

7024  Esker  Road

Custer,  WI  54423

 Phone 715-592-3602

As for me and my horse, we will serve the Lord



 We wish to publicly acknowledge the goodness and grace of our Lord Jesus

Christ,  to whom we are eternally grateful.   Life is not in the abundance of

possessions or good deeds, but simply in knowing, loving and serving  Him.

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